Foundation Certifications for Manufactured Homes

Criterium-Pfaff Engineers is a locally owned engineering firm providing Foundation Certifications (i.e. Foundation Cert, Foundation report, engineers report) including HUD/FHA Foundation Certifications, VA Foundation Certifications, and Conventional Foundation Certifications in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene and the surrounding areas. Our engineers, licensed in Washington and Idaho, are knowledgable in the unique requirements of FHA Foundation Certifications, VA Foundation Certs, and Conventional Foundation Certifications.

We have become a trusted source for Foundation Certification reports by regional lenders and realtors.  Our Foundation Certifications are timely with normal turnaround within 3 business days.

Our Foundation Certification includes an on-site inspection of the foundation system as well as an evaluation of any attaced structures.  Our Foundation Certification report (engineers report, engineers cert, foundation report) is provided the same day as our Foundation Certification inspection.

Criterium-Pfaff Engineers also provides design and follow-up foundation certification services that meet any of the above criteria.

To request information about Foundation Certifications, contact our office.  To request an FHA Foundation Certification, VA Foundation Certification, or a Conventional Foundation Certifications, click the Request an Inspection button to the right.