Commercial Building Engineering Services

We know buildings and we understand business.

At Criterium-Pfaff Engineers, we never forget that business owners often own buildings too. Our insight into commercial real estate properties and transactions, environmental solutions, facility management, and capital planning helps our clients from coast to coast build equity, maximize profits, and protect the people who live and work in their properties every day.

If you or your lender require a Building Inspection, Property Inspection, or a Property Condition Assessment, Criterium-Pfaff Engineers offers commercial Building Inspections in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene and the surrounding region.  Our building inspection (property inspection) offers a thorough review of the building’s structure and its components to aid in your purchase decision. The “Commercial Building Evaluation” report is intended to provide good value at a reduced fee. With this type of building inspection, our scope of work is similar to the “Property Condition Assessment (PCA)” but does not include our opinion of probable capital expenditures (reserves) or investigation of compliance with the local authorities. It does include a complete visual building inspection of the accessible portions of the  building as well as the site by our experienced engineers. The “Property Condition Assessment” report includes our opinion of probable capitial expenditures and a compliance investigation with the local authorities.  Both the Commercial Building Evaluation and Property Condition Assessment reports are narrative style and include a description of the components, a discussion of their condition, and identification of deficiencies and deferred maintenance issues. Of course, our services can be customized in accordance with our client’s needs.  Please contact us for your Spokane Building Inspection or Coeur d’Alene Building Inspection needs

We aren’t just Professional Engineers. We’re successful entrepreneurs serving real estate investment trusts, corporate real estate owners and managers, financial institutions, insurance companies, and government enterprises across Eastern Washington and North Idaho. We know you need an engineering firm specializing in all building systems, providing the full spectrum of commercial engineering services, while responding quickly to your questions and concerns with real solutions to your challenges.

Put the power of our years of engineering experience to work for you:

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Every one of our commercial building inspections is performed and/or reviewed by a licensed, Professional Engineer with over eight years of training, testing and extensive experience in building condition assessment. Our building inspection reports give clear guidance in conversational language on the current condition of your building and the best way to maintain or repair it.



Criterium-Pfaff Engineers designs each property condition assessment report to provide real estate due diligence exceeding ASTM 2018 standards while speaking in plain language to each customer’s unique needs. With Criterium-Pfaff Engineers by your side, you can invest with confidence.



Our recommendations will help you reduce your taxes and improve your building’s cash flow. Accurate cost estimates from an engineering-based cost segregation study will benefit your newly acquired or constructed real estate project (especially over $1 million), including future renovations, expansions, or fitouts. Criterium-Pfaff Engineers provides a comprehensive analysis and in-depth costing allocation.



Criterium-Pfaff Engineers are often called upon to provide forensic insights and testimony during insurance investigations. Our extensive experience and ability to communicate complex concepts clearly provides a clear competitive advantage.


Since 2003, Criterium-Pfaff Engineers has evaluated more than 7,000 buildings across Western Washington. From Class A offices to historic retrofits, from large shopping malls to strip centers, condominiums to corner apartments, motels to resort hotels, warehouses, mobile home parks, nursing homes, and hospitals.  We’ve seen it all. We’ve set the standard for clear communication, customer service, and excellence in engineering along the way. And we want to be your consulting engineering firm of choice.