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Structural Inspections

Structural Inspections by Licensed, Professional Engineers 

Homes of any age are subject over time to weather conditions, ground shifting, warping, and more.  Unfortunately construction defects happen.   A Structural inspection by Criterium-Pfaff Engineers will provide an assessment of the condition of your home's structure. Criterium-Pfaff Engineers is a trusted source for structural inspections by realtors, lenders, homeowners, and insurance companies.

Criterium-Pfaff Engineers' licensed professional engineers provide structural inspections for those who have a concern about their residence and we often provide structural inspections following the recommendaton by a home inspector.  Our standard home inspections include a structural inspection of the home.  We have extensive experience in evaluating structures and have performed hundreds of structural inspections on homes of all types in Spokane, Coeur d'Alene, and the surrounding region.

We can provide a structural inspection in which we assess the entire home, or can perform a more limited structural inspection of an individual component such as a foundation crack, roof sag, etc.  Other systems are not evaluated as part of our structural inspections.

Our structural inspection includes a visual evaluation of the structural components of the home.   During a structural inspection, we look for all available visible evidence and try to access all relevant spaces.  Our structural inspections often include the use of special instruments to detect moisture, sloping and warping. 

Our structural inspection report includes our observations, analysis, opinion, and recommendations (if any).  The structural inspection report also includes a "plan of repair" (if needed) which describes our recommendation of work to be done.  Plans and specifiations are generally not included in a structural inspection report.

When do you need a structural inspection?

When there are cracks in the foundation.
When there is bowing or sagging in the walls and roof.
Where there is carpenter ant, termite, or rot damage.
When an appraiser perceives a structural defect.
When a home is under construction.
When a lender needs an engineer’s opinion before writing a loan.
When there is a concern about the structural integrity of the building or home.
When there is fire, flood, water or wind damage.

If you suspect your home has any structural deficiency and would to disuss a structural inspection, please contact Criterium-Pfaff Engineers or click on the button below to request a structural inspection.